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in tailored Heavy Vehicle lifting solutions


Wireless and Cabled Mobile Column Lifts

  • Available in 4, 6 or multi column systems
  • 4-400 tonne capacity
  • Double acting safety systems with electronic synchronisation
  • Complies with Australian Standards
  • Simple, safe and low maintenance electro-mechanical or hydraulic columns
  • Professional design solutions and special build columns for all heavy industries including Mining and Rail
  • Ancillary equipment available including safety stands

Mobile Ramp Systems

  • Portable ramp systems designed for use with wireless and cabled mobile column lifts
  • 16-48 tonne capacity
  • Ramp lengths from 6-27 metres
  • Optional drive-on and drive-off ramps suitable for low floor buses
  • No installation costs
  • Optional rolling floor jack

Fixed Post Ramp Systems

  • Four, six or multi post installations
  • 4-60 tonne capacity
  • Ramp lengths from 6-27 metres
  • Crossbeam free work area on selected models
  • Optional rolling jack
  • Optional drive-on and drive-off capability

Synchronised Scissor Lift Systems

  • 16-96 tonne capacity scissor lift systems
  • Ramp lengths to suit prime mover though to loaded B-Triple using synchronisation technology
  • Crossbeam free work areas
  • Available in sub floor and above ground installations
  • Sub floor installation offers obstruction and hazard free workspace when not in use
  • Optional rolling floor jack