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New National Regulations NHVR came into force on 10th February 2014 for all heavy vehicles, operators and repairers. This may put your business under pressure if there is a vehicle signed off for use in Australia that is involved in an accident. Brakes and air systems are part of the new code and the only way to test properly and supply documented evidence is by use of a Roller Brake Tester.

Ausquip not only have a large range of options (both mobile and fixed) they have them at an affordable price. Test the vehicles properly in your workshop and keep accurate records (via in-built electronic database) of all vehicles that your business services. This enables your business to be adequately protected and compliant against possible litigation from an incident involving new NHVR regulations and to get a return from their investment in their workshop.

Ausquip can help you stay current with your NHVR testing requirements

Achieve new profits and cover your business against potential litigation for as little as $179+gst /week.